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We’ve turned the clocks ahead, the days are longer, but it’s not quite spring and our skin is still a light shade of pale. While it might be too early in the season to go for the bronze, with a real or bottled tan, we can certainly go for a glow.

     Getting the right glow from products like bronzers, self-tanners and tinted moisturizers requires reaching for just the right product and applying it carefully.

     Joel Mendenhall, a freelance makeup artist, who works in fashion, television, and events in New York City and the Hamptons, has some great advice. When it comes to powdered bronzers, Mendenhall has two favorites, which he always carries in his arsenal of supplies. One is Lancome Star Bronzer loose powder, which is packaged in its own dispenser with a brush included – it comes in only one shade and is suitable for all complexions. The other is Guerlain, which comes in a compact and is available in three shades, but Mendenhall uses the Terracotta shade on most skin types. “I like the French powdered products best because they’re milled finer and blend into the skin nicely,” said Mendenhall. When using a powdered bronzer, he provides this caution: “Shake any excess off the brush before applying it to the skin and start from the center of the face on the cheeks – close to the nose and blend outward toward the ears.” This will give you a glow, rather than blotchy skin.

     For a more dewy look, Mendenhall likes Armani Fluid Sheer Radiance # 3. It is available in other shades but in his opinion, they’re too light to give a real glow. The secret, he says, is “to mix the product with a bit of moisturizer and just apply it to the cheeks, nose and forehead.” Adding moisturizer to the product lets you decide just how much glow you want. When applying liquid bronzing products Mendenhall always uses his fingers rather than a sponge, because he believes the warmth of your hand helps blend the liquid into the skin easier.

     Let’s not forget about tinted moisturizers, which are great, particularly during the daytime when you don’t want to apply any other products like foundation or blush.

     Tinted moisturizers are available from drugstore brands to the most expensive designer products. But if you have very pale skin it’s better to use a tinted moisturizer that is available in shades. Sephora has its own brand that is oil-free, has an SPF of 15, and is available in shades from 1-4, as well as one that is simply called Bronze. The trick to using a tinted moisturizer is to blend upward and not get it too close to the jaw line so there isn’t even the slightest line of demarcation. It’s best to use tinted moisturizer alone. A powdered blush over a moisturizer can cause blotchiness and if you use it under a foundation it can change the color.

     Now that the weather is nicer, we’ll soon be shedding our tights and hosiery for bare legs. One of Mendenhall’s favorites for an instant glow on the body and legs is Jergens Natural Glow Body Moisturizer. He believes it’s foolproof and won’t leave your skin streaky or orange. Jergens Natural Glow is available in three shades and you’ll see an increase of color after several days of use. Now Jergens has a new product called Natural Glow Express, which will show the glow in one use.

     So now that you’ve weathered the winter and you’re springing ahead, try some of these radiant products. You’ll feel the glow on more than your skin.

     Janet Flora writes lifestyle and beauty features, and is a former contributor to Make-up Artist and Health magazines. A creative writing teacher and fiction writer, she spends her time in New York and Sag Harbor.November 21, 2013 /Janet Flora