Eyebrows Made Easy

If you have skimpy brows getting them to look well defined can be challenging. Sometimes over-tweezing, age, or fine hair will cause the brows to be sparse and have spaces where there should be hair. You can fill these spaces with a variety of products sold in drugstores and designer cosmetic lines. Powdered brow fillers are common and are available in many shades. They are used with a stiff, angled brush and the color is applied into the spaces where the brow hair is thin, or even to add color to brows that are a pale shade. However, powdered brow products don’t last as long as pencils, and if used improperly the powder will end up in places other than the brow.  

If you use a pencil, it must be a brow pencil. Brow pencils are drier and less waxy than eyeliner pencils. While there is not shortage of expensive brow products like Anastasia, Maybelline brow pencils have been around for decades and are available in all chain drugstores; they’re inexpensive and come in a variety of colors. The blonde is a great choice for those with blonde hair to medium brown. The pencil is also available in dark brown, charcoal grey (great for those with black or almost black hair—since black is too harsh) and auburn. 

The secret to using a pencil is to make short strokes—almost as if you were drawing on tiny hairs. Make these short strokes in the opposite direction of the hair growth. This will assure that the brows never look “drawn on.”  The cosmetic company, Make Up For Ever has created a waterproof, brow corrector cream in a tube. It comes in several shades and should be applied with a small brush. It’s great to add color to light brows, fill in spaces, and will keep brows defined even while working out or swimming—assuring your face is always well framed.   

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