Makeup, Hair, Styling and Consulting

Janet Flora, Alluring Images

Before creating Alluring Images, Janet began her career as a makeup artist in print and TV, and film. Soon she became one of the key makeup artists on “As The World Turns.” During her years at the show she worked with Meg Ryan, Dana Delaney and Marissa Tomei. At the same time she was accepted into I.A.T.S.E, (local 798 makeup and hairstylists) and began a demanding three-year apprenticeship, which was taught by the film industries most prominent artists. After completing her apprenticeship and passing a rigorous test she graduated from apprentice to journeyman. The following year she began teaching a course in Makeup for film and TV for New York University’s film department, as well as The School of Visual Arts. After leaving “As the Word Turns,” she began working on films, eventually becoming department head on several films listed on her resume.

In the early nineties she wanted to stay closer to home rather than continuing with the demanding hours and traveling required working on motion pictures, which is when she created Alluring Images. She went on to get her state hairdressing and cosmetology license, she continued doing makeup and hair for photography and a number of television shows (as she does today.)  However, with the creation of Alluring Images she expanded her services to include wardrobe styling, consulting and training. Janet’s consulting has grown to include private and corporate clients as well as on-air talent who do not have the benefit of hair and makeup artists to get them camera ready on a daily basis.  As a result of her years of teaching experience Janet’s has a keen eye and hand for instructing others how to execute makeup and hair techniques that look as if a professional has done the work.

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